Week Ahead: The Coronavirus Continues to Dominate Global Economies

“The trail of a economy will count on a march of a virus.”  This judgment was a new further to a FOMC’s Monetary Policy matter and reflects a doubt of financial policy.  The series of coronavirus cases continue to grow, not usually in a US, though worldwide.  This week, a RBA and a BOE will also need to residence this emanate as prohibited spots have sprung adult in Australia and a UK, forcing increasing localized shutdowns.  Meanwhile, US association is distant detached on a new service package as additional stagnation advantages lapsed on Jul 31st.  US Democratic Presidential claimant Joe Biden is approaching to name a Vice President this week as choosing contention continues.  Beginning of month mercantile information should matter this month! The week culminates with practice information from a US and Canada on Friday.

Last Wednesday’s FOMC assembly didn’t unequivocally offer us any new information.  However, it did reaffirm a grave opinion and miss of transparent trail due to a coronavirus pandemic.  Fed Chairman Powell did note a certain mercantile information given a final meeting, however he also remarkable that given a new spike in US coronavirus cases, early information suggests a slower gait of growth, during slightest for now.  The US Dollar is during a lowest levels given May 2018, trade as low as 92.54 on Friday.

On a mercantile side of process in a US,  Congress has certified they are distant detached on commendatory any new service package, and therefore, puncture advantages for impoverished workers lapsed on Friday.  Although Republicans have forsaken Trump’s insistence on a payroll taxation reduction, during a heart of a emanate is a boost of a puncture stagnation benefits.  Democrats wish to keep it during $600/week, while Republicans wish to reduce it to $200/week.  Stay tuned!

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As coronavirus cases continue to spike via a US, they also continue to spike around a world. In Australia, Victoria is going by a “second” call of a own, essentially in Melbourne.  The imposed 6-week lockdown is median through, nonetheless cases continue to rise.  Officials will examination a information this week to hunt for answers.  On Tuesday, a Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will have a seductiveness rate preference meeting.  Interest rates are during 0.25%, and unvaried is expected.  The RBA might confirm to boost bond purchases, however, design some-more of a same “virus dependent” tongue as FOMC.  AUD/USD has traded above .7200, however that has essentially been on US Dollar weakness.

The Bank of England (BOE) meets this week as well.  Coronavirus cases have peaked in a UK, quite in Manchester, Lancaster and Yorkshire, where UK Health Secretary Hancock has announced a hurl behind of reopening measures.  The self-quarantine order has also been extended from 7 days to 10 days. The BOE is now has rates set during 0.10%.  Unchanged is expected, however there has been some contention of a probability of disastrous seductiveness rates by BOE officials.  Although a executive bank will many approaching not exercise this during a stream meeting, watch for some-more dovish comments concerning a virus, a lockdowns, and disastrous seductiveness rates.  GPB/USD traded as high as 1.3170 final week, while EUR/GBP traded next .9000.

Rounding out a contention on a boost in coronavirus cases, we contingency embody aloft cases numbers opposite Europe, such as Spain, that has had a top numbers in 3 months.  In addition, India and Brazil also reached new highs and cases are on a arise again in China.  The IMF also authorized a $4.3  billion loan to South Africa to fight a virus, a IMF’s largest coronavirus associated loan so far.

Last week, US President Trump tweeted out some engaging comments per a probable check in a US Presidential elections on Nov 3rd.  This was fast refuted by many, observant that Congress contingency approve any such measure.  However, a comments did change some markets, as SPs forsaken 20 handles (only to after bounce).  With a choosing roughly 3 months divided and Republican and Democratic conventions after this month, comments, headlines, and mudslinging by Donald Trump and Joe Biden should have some-more outcome on markets as we get closer and closer to a election.  This week, Democratic hopeful Joe Biden is approaching to name his Vice President using mate.  Front runners embody Susan Rice, former US National Security Advisor and Kamala Harris, now youth US senator from California.

The prominence by distant for gain deteriorate was on Thursday, when a multiple of FAANG bonds FB, AAPL, AMZN, and GOOG blew estimates out of a water.  However, these are a companies one would design to outperform during a tellurian pandemic.  Over 1500 companies recover gain this week.  The total of all gain will be watched to see how many of these smaller companies achieved during Q2.  Some of a some-more engaging gain due this week embody HSBC, BRKB, BP, DIS, HTZ, MRNA, KODK, and UBER.

Economic information will be closely watched this week as Global Manufacturing PMI Finals will be expelled for July.  These could have an impact on markets as a rough readings (released Jul 24th) were taken before many of a spikes occurred in coronavirus cases.  In addition, practice information for Jul will be expelled on Friday for both a US and Canada.  US Non-Farm Payrolls will be quite important, as weekly Initial Jobless Claims seem to have intended off nearby 1.4 million!  The stream guess is for 2.26 million new jobs, down from 4.8 million in June.  Traders will penetrating to see how a uptick in coronavirus cases has influenced practice change.  Other critical mercantile information is as follows:


  • Global Manufacturing PMI Final (JUL)
  • Japan: GDP Growth Rate Final (Q1)
  • China: Caixin Manufacturing PMI (JUL)
  • US: ISM Manufacturing PMI (JUL)


  • Australia: Trade Balance (JUL)
  • Australia: Retail Sales (JUN)
  • Australia: RBA Interest Rate Decision
  • Canada: Manufacturing PMI (JUL)


  • Global Services PMI Final (JUL)
  • New Zealand: Employment Change (Q2)
  • Australia: RBA Chart Pack
  • China: Caixin Services PMI (JUL)
  • EU: Retail Sales (JUN)
  • Canada: Trade Balance (JUN)
  • US: ADP Non-Farm Employment Change (JUL)
  • US: Trade Balance (JUN)
  • US: ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI (JUL)
  • Crude Inventories


  • New Zealand: Labour Costs Index (Q2)
  • Germany: Factory Orders (JUN)
  • UK: BOE Interest Rate Decision
  • US: Initial Jobless Claims (Week finale Aug 1st)


  • RBA Statement on Monetary Policy
  • China: Trade Balance (JUL)
  • Germany: Trade Balance (JUN)
  • Germany: Industrial Production (JUN)
  • Canada: Employment Change (JUL)
  • US: Non-Farm Payrolls (JUL)

Chart of the  Week: Monthly US Government 2Y Yields

Source: Tradingview, FOREX.com

End of month always offers adult good monthly charts to get a good demeanour during a longer-term instruction of an instrument.  This month was no exception.  Since Nov 2018, US 2Y yields have been relocating in one direction….lower.  Recall that Sep of 2018 was (the initial time) bonds sole off aggressively before bouncing on Dec 24th of that year. Stocks bounced to all-time new highs (green line) while US 2Y yields consistently changed reduce have and sealed Jul as a lowest spin EVER, nearby 0.115.  Even with a vast miscarry in bonds after a selloff in Mar this year, yields continued to pierce reduce (stocks and yields traditionally pierce together). Although a RSI stays in oversold territory, there is no denote it is prepared to spin higher.  Traders and investors will be watchful to see if short-term rates spin negative.

There is a lot going on this week with Coronavirus headlines heading a way.  Central Bank meetings will be closely watched, along with July’s mercantile data.

Stay protected and have a good weekend.  Please remember to always rinse your hands!