Mexican Peso Fundamental Forecast: Dependent on Presidential Election Outcome


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USD/MXNFundamental Forecast: Neutral

This past week we’ve seen doubt lapse to a markets and a Mexican Peso losing a winning strain opposite a US Dollar as US impulse hopes blur given domestic corner in Congress. The safe-haven Dollar managed to recover some upside movement as traders fled from riskier resources in another heated offered philharmonic in equity markets. USD/MXN managed to recover a 21.50 symbol on Thursday though plain offered vigour continue to keep upside movement capped.

Fundamentally, a Mexican Peso isn’t expected to perform too good in a lead adult to Nov 3rd as a contested choosing is likely, and a Mexican banking performs best when there is domestic fortitude an marketplace optimism. Despite Biden carrying a lead in a polls, Donald Trump has already settled he will not offer an easy transition of energy if he is seen as a loser, given he believes that mail-in voting is inefficient. This doubt is expected to keep a plain bid in a Dollar even if a Democrats continue to reason a plain advantage.

US Dollar (USD) Presidential Election Performance May Prove Anything though Typical

That said, a long-term outcome of a elections on a Mexican economy are rather unclear. This is expected to count on a destiny of a blurb attribute between a North American countries. Despite a US and Mexico carrying a mostly fast attribute over a final few years, this conditions depended mostly on Donald Trump’s mood swings and remarkable bursts of protectionist measures. Analysts envision that a Biden presidency will move some-more fortitude to blurb relationships, while compelling transparency, that would be a large boost for a Mexican Peso.

Building Confidence in Trading
Building Confidence in Trading

A lot is also going to count on a impulse efforts denounced by a subsequent President, as a Mexican economy is mostly contingent on a liberation of a US economy, and some analysts trust that Biden is incompetent to offer a kind of support a economy needs right now. Also, let us remind ourselves that Kamala Harris was one of a 10 senators that voted opposite a origination of a US, Mexico and Canada trade agreement (USMCA) that upheld congressed in Jan this year as a new resolution of a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

She cited that “trade agreements can open adult new markets to American products and forge new alliances with unfamiliar countries, though they can also lead to pursuit losses, vexed wages, and environmental degradation” and after a “careful investigate and conference with environmental and charge leaders, we have resolved that a USMCA’s environmental supplies are insufficient—and by not addressing meridian change, a USMCA fails to accommodate a crises of this moment.

This alone could boost a doubt around a destiny attribute between a dual countries, nonetheless not most is expected to change given USMCA can usually be mutated after 5 years. Overall, a Biden presidency is expected to tell a Trump risk cause while boosting a essential trade relationship, while another 4 years of Trump presidency is expected to keep investors on edge.

So looking forward during a subsequent few weeks, a Biden lead is theoretically certain for a Mexican Peso though a doubt around a well-spoken change in energy is expected to keep a US Dollar supported, withdrawal USD/MXN again during a forgiveness of news headlines as we conduct true on to a final weeks of a choosing run.

USD/MXN 1-hour draft (15 Sep – 16 Oct 2020)


From a technical standpoint, not most has altered given final week in regards to critical areas to demeanour out for. There continues to be a confluence of bullish vigour between 21.30 and 21.24, notwithstanding an try this past week to mangle next this level. Any serve downside vigour is expected to take USD/MXN towards a 21.04 mark, where serve shopping support can be found, before coming a lows given a commencement of Mar during 20.84, final seen in mid-September before entertainment an considerable rebound.

Top Trading Lessons
Top Trading Lessons

On a flipside, an boost in US Dollar direct is expected to take USD/MXN towards a monthly high in Sep around 22.70, notwithstanding there being critical insurgency areas ahead. The 50-day elementary relocating normal is expected to move increasing offered vigour around a 21.60 area while a continued pull aloft could see a 21.85 insurgency as a serve plea for a pair.

— Written by Daniela Sabin Hathorn, Market Analyst

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