British Pound Rallies as Boris Johnson Remains in Poll Place

Sterling Price (GBP) Analysis, Price and Charts

  • Conservative lead increases to 14 indicate according to latest poll.
  • ECB and FOMC meetings also need monitoring

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Sterling’s Rally Continues Unabated

UK PM Boris Johnson perceived a large boost early Monday when a latest Survation check showed a Conservative celebration fluctuating their lead over Labour to 14 percentage points, adult from 9 percent dual weeks ago. The British Pound traded during multi-month highs opposite a operation of other currencies, while EUR/GBP dipped further, attack lows final seen in May 2017.

Sterling (GBP) Analysis – GBP/USD Rally Continues on Latest Poll Boost

While Sterling is approaching to conclude serve if PM Johnson get his now expected majority, a odds is that a convene will be pale after a new clever opening of a British Pound. While a infancy will get Brexit through, by a finish of Jan 2020 during a latest, EU/UK trade talks will import on Sterling for many months, if not years, if past negotiations are anything to go by.

The IG Client Sentiment indicator shows traders are 70% net-long EUR/GBP, which routinely would give us a bearish contrarian bias. However, new daily and weekly changes now give us a churned opinion for EUR/GBP.

EUR/GBP Daily Price Chart (January – Dec 9, 2019)

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