Nasdaq 100 Recovering? Biden-Trump Election Betting Spread Widens

2020 Election, Nasdaq Analysis, Biden-Trump Election Odds – Talking Points

  • Biden-Trump choosing betting averages continue to dilate forward of initial presidential debate
  • Technology bonds might arise again with direct for digital services as Covid-19 cases grow
  • Nasdaq index recuperation might be in a works, liberation might confront attrition during 11263.6


With reduction than a week until a initial US presidential debate, former Vice President and Democratic hopeful Joe Biden has successfully confirmed a gentle lead over President Donald Trump. RealClearPolitics’ betting averages for a choosing uncover a widest widespread between a dual possibilities given mid-August as US coronavirus cases surge.

2020 US Election Polls

Chart display Biden-Trump Spread

Source: RealClearPolitics

The US – after initial imagining in China, afterwards swelling to Europe and eventually North America – has been a viral hotbed of Covid-19. Confirmed cases of a coronavirus began to neatly arise in June. Perhaps not wholly by coincidence, polling information from FiveThirtyEight shows that around a same time, Trump’s capitulation rating for how he rubbed a coronavirus pestilence began to neatly decline.

2020 Poll on Trump

Chart display Trump Approval

Source: FiveThirtyEight

Consequently, if cases continue to grow – and a awaiting of re-imposed or extended internal lockdown orders increases – it could serve hole Mr. Trump’s recognition and by default lift Biden’s higher. These trends are quite vicious to watch given a arriving presidential discuss on Sep 29. The Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has expelled what topics will be discussed.

How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading
How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading

US Coronavirus Cases Surge – Tech Stocks to Recover?

Following a fall in equity markets in Mar by a virus-induced selloff, tech bonds rallied and outperformed other sectors. The expected matter was a reward put on digital services after shelter-in-place orders singular a series of outside activities. This might assistance explain because subscriptions for streaming services surged along with online selling activity and helped lift bonds like Amazon and Netflix higher.

If a spike in Covid-19 infections continues to persist, this energetic might once again play out and assistance lift tech bonds higher. While equity markets did recently lift back, indices like a SP 500 and tech-leaning Nasdaq seem to uncover signs of bottoming out. However, given a elemental circumstances, a liberation in equity markets might see a Nasdaq redeem during a faster rate relations to a peers.

Forex for Beginners
Forex for Beginners

Nasdaq Outlook

The Nasdaq index might be in a early stages of a liberation as a tech-leaning benchmark jumps after bottoming out during a two-month low around 10599.00. The subsequent separator to transparent will expected be a informed stalling indicate during 11263.6 where a index formerly encountered attrition along a climb in mid-August and along a skirmish in early September.

Nasdaq Index – Daily Chart

Chart display Nasdaq Index

Nasdaq draft combined regulating TradingView

Clearing it 11263.6 with follow-through might buoy traders and revive certainty in a Nasdaq’s potential. In that scenario, a vicious separator to transparent will be a prior all-time high during 12074.1 a tech benchmark formerly hovered before spectacularly crashing over 10 percent in reduction than a month.

— Written by Dimitri Zabelin, Currency Analyst for

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Gold Price Trades Below 50-Day SMA for First Time Since June

Gold Price Talking Points

The price of gold appears to be broadly tracking a change in tellurian equity prices as bullion tags a uninformed monthly low ($1883) progressing this week, and a serve change in risk view might coax a exam of a Aug low ($1863) as Relative Strength Index (RSI) sits during a lowest spin given March.

Gold Price Trades Below 50-Day SMA for First Time Since June

The cost of bullion trades subsequent a 50-Day SMA ($1941) for a initial time given Jun even yet Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell strikes a dovish tinge in front of US lawmakers, and it stays to be seen if a pullback from a record high ($2075) will spin out to be a change in marketplace behavior or an depletion in a bullish trend as a Fed stays “committed to regulating a collection to do what we can, for as prolonged as it takes, to safeguard that a liberation will be as clever as possible.”

The cost movement following a Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) seductiveness rate decisions suggests market participants wereanticipating a some-more dovish brazen superintendence as the executive bankplans to “achieve acceleration that averages 2 percent over time, and it seems as yet a FOMC will rest on a stream collection to support a US economy as Summary of Economic Projections (SEP) shows a longer run seductiveness rate foresee unvaried from a Jun meeting.

Recent remarks from Chairman Powell also prove that a FOMC is in no rush to change a trail for financial process amid a “adjustments to Main Street to yield larger support to tiny and medium-sized businesses and to nonprofit organizations,” and a Fed might continue to tweak a lending comforts rather than muster some-more radical collection as a executive bank vows to “increase a land of Treasury bonds and group mortgage-backed bonds during slightest during a stream pace.”

In turn, loss conjecture for additional financial support might continue to corrupt risk ardour as Fed officials insist that the “recovery has progressed some-more fast than generally expected,” yet a crowding function in a US Dollar mostly persists even yet retail traders spin net-long GBP/USD.

Image of IG Client Sentiment

The IG Client Sentiment news continues to uncover retail tradersnet-long USD/CHF, USD/CAD and USD/JPY, with a throng still net-short AUD/USD, EUR/USD and NZD/USD. Positioning in GBP/USD has flipped for a second time this month as 50.72% of traders are now net-long the pair, yet broader marketplace trends might insist over a residue of a month as a Fed’s change sheet binds above $7 trillion in September.

With that said, a Fed’s dovish brazen superintendence may continue to worsen a seductiveness of bullion as an choice to fiat-currencies, and the bullish trend in bullion might continue to coincide with a crowding function in a US Dollar as a macroeconomic opinion stays mostly unvaried following a FOMC meeting.

However, the technical opinion is dark with churned signals as the cost of bullion trades subsequent a 50-Day SMA ($1941) for a initial time given June even yet a relocating normal continues to lane a certain slope from progressing this year, and a Relative Strength Index (RSI) might continue to uncover a bullish movement reducing as it sits during a lowest spin given March.

How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading
How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading

Sign adult and join DailyFX Currency Strategist David Song LIVE for an event to plead intensity trade setups.

Gold Price Daily Chart

Image of Gold cost daily chart

Source: Trading View

  • The cost of bullion pushed to uninformed yearly highs during each singular month so distant in 2020, with a bullish cost movement also holding figure in Aug as changed steel tagged a new 2020 high ($2075).
  • The cost of bullion privileged a prior record high available in Sep 2011 ($1921) even yet a Relative Strength Index (RSI) unsuccessful to keep a ceiling from June, yet a indicator registered a new impassioned reading (88) for 2020 as a oscillator pushed into overbought domain for a third time this year.
  • However, a bullish function has unsuccessful to manifest in Sep as a cost of bullion trades subsequent a 50-Day SMA ($1941) for a initial time given June, with new developments in a RSI negating a wedge/triangle formation determined in Aug as a indicator sits during a lowest spin given March.
  • Lack of movement to reason above a $1907 (100% expansion) to $1920 (161.8% expansion) segment brings a Aug low ($1863) on a radar as it mostly lines adult with a Fibonacci overlie around $1847 (100% expansion) to $1857 (61.8% expansion), with a subsequent area of seductiveness entrance in around $1816 (61.8% expansion) to $1822 (50% expansion).
  • At a same time, disaster to mangle a Aug low ($1863) might beget operation firm conditions, yet need a break/close above a overlie around $1971 (100% expansion) to $1985 (261.8% expansion) to move a topside behind on a radar.

Traits of Successful Traders
Traits of Successful Traders

— Written by David Song, Currency Strategist

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Dow Jones Rebounds, DAX Consolidates, Hang Seng May Form "AB=CD"


  • Dow Jones Industrial Average rebounded softly from a 100-Day SMA during 26,900
  • DAX 30 index might connect after combining a vast bearish candlestick. Bollinger Band widened
  • Hang Seng Index (HSI) might form a bullish “AB=CD” pattern

Dow Jones Index Outlook:

Dow Jones Industrial Average index (DJIA) futures are oscillating during Asia open after induction a tiny benefit overnight. Concerns remain, however, over a coronavirus resurgence in partial of a EU, and shrinking hopes for a US mercantile stimulus plan. The US Dollar climbed for a second day to 94.00 – a top turn seen in over 7 weeks. A stronger US Dollar looks set to cold changed steel and crude oil prices.

On a calendar, a RBNZ interest rate decision during 10:00 SGT and US Markit Manufacturing PMI readings to be expelled during 21:45 SGT are among a pivotal events today. Read some-more on a economic calendar.

The VIX destiny tenure structure (chart below) suggests that a marketplace is pricing in aloft levels of sensitivity heading adult to a US Presidential Election, with VIX futures peaking in early Nov and reverting behind thereafter.

Dow Jones Rebounds, DAX Consolidates, Hang Seng May Form AB=CD


Overnight trade displayed a sincerely balanced sectoral pattern, with information record (+1.37%), communication services (+1.09%) and consumer staples (+0.83%) leading, while appetite (-1.01%), financials (-0.67%) and materials (-0.23%) lagged.

Dow Jones Index Sector opening 22-9-2020

Dow Jones Rebounds, DAX Consolidates, Hang Seng May Form AB=CD

Source: Bloomberg, DailyFX

How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading
How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading

Technically,the Dow Jones found some support during a 100-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA) line, that is hovering around a 26,900 level. Despite a amiable benefit final night, a overall movement appears inequitable towards a downside, as cost plunged next a reduce Bollinger Band dual days ago and shaped a vast bearish candlestick. A mangle next then100-Day SMA is expected to open a room for serve waste with an eye on 26,650 – a 23.6% Fibonacci retracement.

Dow Jones IndexDaily Chart

Dow Jones Rebounds, DAX Consolidates, Hang Seng May Form AB=CD

DAX 30 Index Outlook:

Germany’s DAX 30 also purebred a vast bearish candlestick on Monday, that flags some-more turmoil ahead. A poignant widening of a Bollinger Band suggests there might be some-more offered vigour in a days to come while a MACD indicator has also flipped decisively into a disastrous territory. The technical observations are in line with a elemental picture, with a pathogen resurgence potentially crude Europe’s frail mercantile recovery.

DAX 30 Index – Daily Chart

Dow Jones Rebounds, DAX Consolidates, Hang Seng May Form AB=CD

Hang Seng Index Outlook:

In a past 4 weeks, a HSI has trailed a vital peers – such as a Dow Jones, Nikkei 225 and DAX 30 – due to mixed headwinds. Financial names were among a misfortune performers yesterday, with HSBC (-2.05%), Hang Seng Bank (-1.28%) and AIA (-1.09%) heading a decline.

Technically, HSI is expected combining a bullish “AB=CD” settlement (chart below), with a intensity support turn found during 23,300. A organisation miscarry from a “D” indicate might vigilance a intensity trend reversal. However, serve decrease next a “D” indicate could potentially lead to a exam of a 23.6% Fibonacci retracement turn during 22,900.

Hang Seng Index Daily Chart

Dow Jones Rebounds, DAX Consolidates, Hang Seng May Form AB=CD

Building Confidence in Trading
Building Confidence in Trading

— Written by Margaret Yang, Strategist for

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Market Outlook Ahead of a First Biden-Trump Presidential Debate

2020 Election, Biden-Trump Presidential Debate, Market Outlook, Election Polls – Talking Points

  • How will financial markets conflict heading adult to, during and following a initial presidential debate?
  • Biden continues to say stout lead over Trump in ubiquitous choosing polls, normal betting odds
  • What topics will be discussed and how have past debates shabby electorate forward of a election?


  1. Who are a candidates?
  2. When is a debate?
  3. Who is moderating it?
  4. What topics will be discussed?
  5. How will financial markets react?

The initial presidential discuss of a 2020 choosing between former Vice President and Democratic hopeful Joe Biden and President Donald Trump will be hold on Sep 29 from 9:00-10:30 P.M. ET. The eventuality is set to take place during Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace will be moderating a debate.

The inactive Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced that a discuss will be damaged adult into 6 15-minute sections. Each claimant will be given dual mins to respond to any doubt during a start of each segment. To get additional sum of destiny presidential and clamp presidential debates, see a CPD’s central report here.

In a prior election, a initial discuss between afterwards Democratic hopeful and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump drew a record or 84 million views. Up until that point, a Carter-Reagan discuss in a 1980s had a many views during 80.6 million. Given a economic, domestic and amicable turmoil this year, it would not be startling to see this discuss tip a prior election’s record.

Chart display choosing data

Source: NBC

With so most on a line given a diverging process approaches between Biden and Trump – and their multi-iterated implications – viewers might be quite penetrating on tuning in this year. Generally, investigate has shown that debates do not seem to have a poignant impact on changeable voters’ allegiances. For a past roughly three-decades – detached from 2016 – a claimant that led going into a discuss always won a election.

How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading
How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading

While a CPD warned that a discuss topics are “subject to probable changes since of news developments”, a non-partisan elect has summarized a following themes that will be discussed:

  1. The Trump and Biden Records
  2. The Supreme Court
  3. Covid-19
  4. The Economy
  5. Race and Violence in a Cities
  6. The Integrity of a Election

From a market-oriented perspective, investors will be penetrating on examination a candidates’ responses to questions about a economy and a coronavirus pandemic. Their particular answers will expected lift process implications with them that markets might afterwards cost in and re-allocate collateral accordingly. That re-arrangement of opposite item mixtures might perceptible as volatility.

Chart display RCP betting averages

Source: RealClearPolitics

The other topics might usually impact markets to a border Biden’s or Trump’s responses to them change their station in a polls. Generally vocalization – detached from a brief though heated squeezing widespread in late-August – President Trump has been trailing Biden in inhabitant betting averages. Swing states sojourn adult in a air, though a former Vice President’s opening so distant shows a earnest trajectory.

How Will Financial Markets React to Presidential Debates?

So far, a choosing has not had a transparent or discernible impact on financial markets as investors contend with some-more evident issues like surging coronavirus cases and bipartisan intransigence over another impulse bill. Having pronounced that, a initial presidential discuss might be where markets knowledge politically-induced sensitivity from a election.

Forex for Beginners
Forex for Beginners

If polls uncover Mr. Trump’s recognition flourishing after a debate, view might spin green and pull a haven-linked US Dollar aloft along with a anti-risk Japanese Yen. Cycle-sensitive FX like AUD and NZD might shelter with growth-anchored line like crude oil. The awaiting of Trump’s reelection from a market-oriented viewpoint might meant another 4 years of cross-continental trade wars and tragedy with China.

Conversely, if Biden outperforms, we might see this energetic reverse. The former Vice President’s proceed to general and domestic process falls some-more in line with a pre-2016 standing quo. For investors, this might meant reduction doubt and an sourroundings gainful for risk-taking both in suppositional investments and – from a viewpoint of businesses – expanding cross-border investment.

— Written by Dimitri Zabelin, Currency Analyst for

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New Zealand Dollar Gains on RBNZ, But NZD/USD May Follow S&P 500 Lower

New Zealand Dollar, NZD/USD, RBNZ – Talking Points

  • New Zealand Dollar appreciates on a RBNZ rate decision
  • Sentiment-linked NZD is during risk to rising sensitivity in equities
  • NZD/USD might tumble formed on bearish technical warning signs

The New Zealand Dollar gained on a RBNZ rate decision, as expected in my elemental forecast. The benchmark lending rate was confirmed during 0.25%, as widely expected by economists. What seemed to expostulate a NZD aloft instead was many expected an deficiency of serve quantitative easing measures or a spirit of coercion in a nearby term. That expected unhappy expectations, ensuing in a reduction dovish outcome.

Forex for Beginners
Forex for Beginners

The RBNZ did however keep a doorway open to yield additional stimulus, with collection such as a disastrous seductiveness rate. In fact, a executive bank reported that a banking complement is on lane to be prepared in an sourroundings of disastrous rates. This creates sense, a RBNZ sees a change of risks as slanted to a downside. There might be a arise in stagnation and an boost in organisation closures.

Additional Commentary from a Reserve Bank of New Zealand

  • Progress is being done on additional financial tools
  • Monetary process needs to support the economy for a prolonged time
  • Alternative collection can be deployed independently
  • The executive bank prefers to launch a bank appropriation module before finish of 2020

Heading into a RBNZ, overnight index swaps were pricing in about a 75% luck of a 25-basis indicate rate cut in February. These contingency might have been rather diminished. Today’s seductiveness rate proclamation also follows in a footsteps of a Federal Reserve from final week. There, Chair Jerome Powell seemed to demonstrate a miss of coercion to enhance a change sheet, withdrawal equities exposed to disappointment.

Going forward, a sentiment-linked Kiwi Dollar stays underneath a forgiveness of ubiquitous risk appetite. Lately, a unsatisfactory on Wall Street has left a banking vulnerable. Investors might be flourishing increasingly desirous by a miss of coercion from a Federal Reserve to materially boost item purchases. This is as a second mercantile package stays on a sidelines given ongoing stalemates between members of Congress.

New Zealand Dollar Technical Analysis

From a technical standpoint, a New Zealand Dollar could be during risk to fluctuating losses. NZD/USD recently sealed underneath a rising trend line from March, confirming a breakout. This followed a presentation of a bearish Shooting Star candlestick formation and disastrous RSI divergence. The latter showed vanishing upside momentum. Key support sits next as a 0.6503 – 0.6537 operation followed by 0.6381 – 0.6419.

NZD/USD Daily Chart

New Zealand Dollar Gains on RBNZ, But NZD/USD May Follow Samp;P 500 Lower

Chart Created in TradingView

— Written by Daniel Dubrovsky, Currency Analyst for

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Copper Price Outlook Remains Bullish Despite Shift in Risk Appetite

Copper Prices, XCU/USD, Average Inflation Targeting, Volatility, Inflation Expectations – Talking Points:

  • Copper prices might continue to pull aloft notwithstanding a worrying swell of Covid-19 infections in several European nations.
  • The Federal Reserve’s adoption of AIT might put a building underneath a cost of a plastic metal.
  • XCU/USD constructively perched above psychological support. Is a pull to uninformed yearly highs in a offing?

As remarkable in prior reports, copper’s 56% swell from a Mar low is showing small signs of abating, after a cost of a plastic steel soared to a uninformed two-year high (3.0945) during a commencement of a month on a behind of resilient tellurian production activity and mountainous Chinese demand.

However, a reimposition of coronavirus lockdown measures in several European nations and a miss of swell in Congressional impulse talks might top a intensity upside for a tellurian expansion proxy, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges residents to work from home if probable and introduces new restrictions that are expected to final for a subsequent 6 months.

That being said, copper prices have remained comparatively unblushing by a ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 infections and new resurgence of volatility, with a plastic steel climbing 0.81% in Sep notwithstanding a CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) spiking as most as 53%.

To contrast, a US benchmark SP 500 (-10.29%) and a tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index (-14.38%) have depressed over 10% given pulling to uninformed record highs during a commencement of a month.

Copper Price Outlook Remains Bullish Despite Shift in Risk Appetite

Data Source – Bloomberg

The orange metal’s resilience could be down to a clever certain association with 5-year acceleration expectations, clearly determined when a Federal Reserve set a 2% acceleration rate aim in Jan 2012.

Therefore, with a US executive bank adopting a stretchable form of normal acceleration targeting (AIT) and Fed Chair Jerome Powell saying that “well-anchored acceleration expectations are vicious for giving a Fed a embodiment to support practice when necessary”, a receptive to design that copper prices might continue to pierce aloft over a longer-term.

Given AIT allows a Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) to extend accommodative financial process measures following durations of below-target cost increases “to grasp acceleration tolerably above 2 percent for some time”.

Copper Price Weekly Chart – ‘Golden Cross’ Indicative of Swelling Bullish Momentum

Copper Price Outlook Remains Bullish Despite Shift in Risk Appetite

Copper (HG) Futures weekly draft total regulating TradingView

From a technical perspective, copper looks staid to extend a stand from a ennui of March, after ripping by Symmetrical Triangle insurgency and induction overbought readings on a RSI for a initial time given Sep 2017.

Moreover, a MACD indicators swell to a top levels given 2017, total with a relocating normal ‘golden cross’ formation, hints during building bullish movement and could enthuse would-be buyers if cost stays constructively perched above a Jan high (2.9930).

A weekly tighten above pivotal insurgency during a 38.2% Fibonacci (3.1040) is indispensable to vigilance a resumption of a primary uptrend and potentially carve a trail for cost to exam a 2017 high (3.3220).

Conversely, a mangle next psychological support during a 3.000 symbol could enthuse a some-more postulated pullback and move a 50% Fibonacci (2.7620) into focus.

Copper Price Daily Chart – 21-DMA Guiding Price Higher

Copper Price Outlook Remains Bullish Despite Shift in Risk Appetite

Copper (HG) Futures daily draft total regulating TradingView

However, zooming into a daily timeframe suggests that a annulment reduce could be in a offing, as cost carves out a bearish Rising Wedge settlement and fails to tighten above a psychologically commanding 3.10 level.

That being said, with copper prices stability to lane above a 21-, 50- and 200-day relocating averages, a trail of slightest insurgency seems lopsided to a topside.

With that in mind, a pull to uninformed yearly highs could proceed in a entrance weeks if support during a Jul high (2.9930) stays intact, with a daily tighten above a 38.2% Fibonacci (3.1040) substantially signalling a resumption of a primary uptrend.

On a other hand, a daily tighten next a 3.000 symbol might countenance a downside mangle of a Rising Wedge settlement and potentially enthuse a pullback towards a sentiment-defining 200-DMA (2.7245)

— Written by Daniel Moss, Analyst for DailyFX

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How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading
How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading