EUR/USD Rate Ripping to Two-Year Highs Leaves Euro during Resistance


  • EUR/USD rate eying uninformed two-year highs as a Euro rips into month-end
  • Euro bulls omit rising new pathogen cases and tightening lockdown measures
  • EUR/USD cost movement could be during risk of a intensity double tip draft pattern

The Euro is trade behind during two-year highs opposite a US Dollar counterpart as EUR/USD cost movement spikes into a 1.19-handle. Euro strengthening opposite a US Dollar has prevailed as a pivotal thesis given EUR/USD started rocketing off a 1.08-price turn this past May, though can a bullish trend pull leading into a month ahead?


EURUSD EUR USD Price Chart Euro to US Dollar

August was violent for EUR/USD, that is a world’s many glass and heavily traded major banking pair. In fact, EUR/USD rates fluctuated within a 270-pip trade operation this past month. The Euro mislaid ceiling movement as a US Dollar attempted to base, though in a arise of a Jackson Hole Symposium where a Fed announced normal acceleration targeting, mark EUR/USD seems to have resumed a ascent. Month-end rebalancing competence be weighing definitely on EUR/USD prices as well.

Forex for Beginners
Forex for Beginners

EUR/USD bulls but face a pivotal barrier of technical resistance underpinned by a month-to-date pitch high. So far, EUR/USD cost movement looks like it is reacting negatively to this level, that places intensity for a double tip pattern on a radar.

This bearish technical unfolding could be lighted by a elemental matter like risk of a second call threatening a EU mercantile recovery. Not to mention, as markets in. into a tumble deteriorate and out of a summer doldrums, there is also a probability for a resurgence of currency volatility. That said, upcoming eventuality risk and high-impact information releases confronting a US Dollar after this week might strongarm a instruction of EUR/USD over a near-term.

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Canadian Dollar Forecast: USD/CAD Slips to 7-Month Low

USD/CAD Price Outlook:

Canadian Dollar Forecast: USD/CAD Slips to 7-Month Low

The Canadian Dollar gained opposite a southern reflection to start a week, promulgation USD/CAD to a lowest indicate given early January. As a result, a span has retraced a entirety of a covid-related blast and now looks to spin disastrous for a year. Coupled with uninformed lows and a new change in a Fed’s policy, USD/CAD looks exposed to serve debility during this stage.

USD/CAD Price Chart: Daily Time Frame (December 2019 – Aug 2020)

usdcad cost chart

With that in mind, support underneath a stream trade cost is comparatively meagre that competence concede for an prolongation lower. While a turn 1.3000 turn competence yield a jot of support, we would disagree a 2019 low around 1.2953 competence offer some-more influence. Either way, months of waste prominence determined weakness that could overcome both areas of intensity support.

Further still, IG Client Sentiment Data reveals sell traders sojourn net-long USD/CAD notwithstanding new cost action. Since we typically take a contrarian perspective to IGCS, a information competence also advise some-more debility ahead.

USD/CAD Price Chart: 4 – Hour Time Frame (June 2020 – Aug 2020)

usd/cad cost draft

That said, probable lift backs competence concede for appealing entrance opportunities. With insurgency beyond around a 1.32 mark, a brief retracement competence raise a risk-reward form of such a trade. Still, debility is not guaranteed and a convincing mangle out above a forward trendline from early Jul could criticise a bearish outlook. In a meantime, follow @PeterHanksFX on Twitter for updates and analysis.

Traits of Successful Traders
Traits of Successful Traders

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USD/MXN Forecast: Dollar-Peso Probes Key Level as Oil Swings


  • USD/MXN cost movement is gyrating around a 200-day relocating average
  • US Dollar searches desperately for support as commodity currencies strengthen
  • Mexican Peso could come underneath vigour if there is a resurgence of sensitivity

USD/MXN prices have edged usually reduce over a final integrate months. This comes as a US Dollar surrenders gains notched opposite a Mexican Peso – and other commodity currencies like a Canadian Dollar, Norwegian Krone, or Australian Dollar – progressing this year during a conflict of a coronavirus pandemic. Yet, notwithstanding weakening over 10% given March, a Dollar-Peso still trades aloft by some-more than 15% when totalled from a Jan opening level.

Forex for Beginners
Forex for Beginners


USDMXN Price Chart USD MXN US Dollar to Mexican Peso Forecast

Net of these moves, mark USD/MXN cost movement now gravitates somewhat subsequent a 200-day moving average, that resides nearby a 21.900-mark. That said, after breaching this pivotal technical turn late final week, a US Dollar appears exposed to another leg reduce opposite a Mexican Peso. If USD/MXN bulls can retrieve this barrier, however, it could inspire them to aim a 50-day relocating normal or 23.6% Fibonacci retracement turn summarized on a draft above. On a other hand, if a bearish medium-term trend prevails, a 08 Jun swing low could offer as a intensity downside design for USD/MXN bears.

Traits of Successful Traders
Traits of Successful Traders


USDMXN Price Chart US Dollar to Mexican Peso Correlation with Crude Oil

Perhaps a instruction of crude oil could prove where mark USD/MXN cost movement heads next. The Dollar-Peso tends to binds a clever different attribute with wanton oil cost action, that is indicated by a disastrous association fellow generally maintained. The Mexican Peso is closely tied to fluctuations in oil prices saying that Mexico is one of a world’s largest producers and exporters of wanton oil. Also, a attribute between wanton oil and USD/MXN is identical to a attribute between crude oil and USD/CAD.

Understanding a Core Fundamentals of Oil Trading
Understanding a Core Fundamentals of Oil Trading

Correspondingly, there is intensity for USD/MXN prices to continue flapping reduce while a tellurian economy sustains a liberation and wanton oil advances further. This brings a recover of PMIs and jobs data via a week into concentration for a health check on underlying mercantile conditions. On that note, it is value mentioning how a resurgence of marketplace sensitivity and risk hatred expected stands to send USD/MXN cost movement gnawing behind higher.

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Dow Jones Forecast: Index Slips Ahead of Historically Bearish Month

Dow Jones Price Outlook:

Dow Jones Forecast: Index Slips Ahead of Historically Bearish Month

The Dow Jones finished Monday trade usually -0.78% reduce than it non-stop as a VIX climbed modestly and a Nasdaq 100 edged somewhat aloft on a behind of strength from bonds like Tesla. While minimal, a waste chipped divided during a monthly opening of a Dow Jones that was on gait for a conspicuous benefit of some-more than 8%. Still, a 7.57% benefit for a month of Aug – typically one of a quieter trade months – is an considerable attainment given a broader marketplace backdrop.

September Typically Sees an Increase in Volatility

SP 500 monthly lapse cost draft

Source: John Kicklighter, Bloomberg

That said, August’s final trade day could be an early denote of a incomparable change in a marketplace as it gears adult to transition from some of a calmest months to some of a many rocky. To that end, Sep is not usually volatile, though is also a weakest month for US equities from a lapse viewpoint over a final 40 years according to history.

Equities Forecast
Equities Forecast

While past opening is not in any approach demonstrative of destiny results, seasonality positively plays a purpose in marketplace activity and a appearing US Presidential choosing could assistance intensify some of a themes determined in years past.

Volatility Expected to Rise in a Weeks Ahead

vix futures tenure structure chart

Suffice it to say, a Dow Jones, SP 500 and Nasdaq 100 competence have their work cut out for them in a entrance weeks. Nevertheless, a Dow Jones has shown small denote it will unexpected retreat reduce in earnest, so some-more coherence from bears competence be compulsory to shake a solve of a bullish majority.

Dow Jones Price Chart: 4 – Hour Time Frame (May 2020 – Aug 2020)

dow jones cost draft

Such self-assurance competence be determined by aggressive several areas of support that reside underneath a stream trade price. Psychological levels, before highs and descending trendlines are usually some of a probable areas of irresolution underneath and bears will have to exam any before a incomparable decrease can be made. In a meantime, follow @PeterHanksFX on Twitter for updates and analysis.

–Written by Peter Hanks, Strategist for

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