Markets Week Ahead: AUD, CAD, GBP, Brexit Talks, Dow Jones, USD, NFPs

Sentiment was revived this past week as US benchmark batch indexes resumed a rebound off Mar lows. The haven-linked US Dollar succumbed to offered vigour notwithstanding rising tensions between a United States and China over a latter’s proposed confidence law over Hong Kong. Lockdown easing bets helped pull WTI wanton oil prices to a best month on record.

How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading
How to Use IG Client Sentiment in Your Trading

There are copiousness of event risks subsequent week for financial markets to digest. Three executive banks from vital economies are due: a RBA, BoC and ECB for Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Euro traders respectively. While benchmark lending rates are clearly expected to sojourn around zero, it is their comment of mercantile conditions that will expected offer operation for volatility.

For those that are zealous supporters of a British Pound, Brexit talks resume and there is rising regard over swell as a late-June prolongation deadline approaches for a transition period. If there is no agreement on a postponement, afterwards lawmakers will have until a finish of this year for a Brexit deal. A miss in a latter risks adding some-more doubt to pathogen mercantile liberation efforts.

All eyes during a finish of a week spin to May’s US non-farm payrolls report. Despite a republic accumulating over 40 million jobless claims given March, a Dow Jones and SP 500 have not been thrown off. Investors are still expected still looking forward to lockdown easing impacts as a Fed continues to oil credit markets with quantitative easing as it accumulates corporate debt.

Building Confidence in Trading
Building Confidence in Trading

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Fundamental Forecasts:

Oil Price to Stay Afloat as US Output Falls to Lowest Level Since 2018

The ongoing contraction in US prolongation might keep oil prices afloat in Jun as wanton outlay falls to a lowest turn given Oct 2018.

Gold Prices Face RBA, BoC, ECB, US Jobs Data and Brexit Talks

The medium-term gold opinion still seems auspicious as a Fed, ECB and some-more keep rates around 0. Immediate eventuality risk forward includes a RBA and BoC seductiveness rate decisions, US jobs information and Brexit talks.

Upbeat RBA Could Fuel Australian Dollar Strength

The Australian dollar might continue to outperform vital counterparts should a Reserve Bank of Australia tame conjecture for additional financial support.

US Dollar (USD) Outlook: US-China Tensions Likely to Escalate Further

The US dollar continued to sell-off this week and a greenback’s destiny will be motionless by explanation from a White House and not a Federal Reserve over a entrance days and weeks.

USD/MXN Outlook: Mexican President Sees Opportunity in Worsening US-China Relationship

López Obrador hopes USMCA will assistance tie trade relations between a US and Mexico

SP 500, DAX 30 and FTSE 100 Forecasts for a Week Ahead

US-China tensions remain, ECB stands prepared to enhance QE purchases, EU-UK trade talks in focus.

Euro Forecast: EUR/USD Outlook Positive, ECB May Boost Asset Purchases

The European Central Bank will expected boost a Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program during Thursday’s assembly of a Governing Council; a pierce that could give a Euro a lift.

Technical Forecasts:

Crude Oil Prices Stalling during Resistance, Multi-Week Uptrend during Risk?

Crude oil prices might face heightened murder vigour as a cycle-sensitive commodity finds itself underneath a vigour of volatile insurgency and a vulnerable, multi-week rising channel.

British Pound Outlook: GBP/USD May Go Along for a Ride

GBP/USD doesn’t have a cleanest set of technical indications, though USD might give indications if it can mangle a trade operation around a DXY.

US Dollar Technical Forecast: USD Bears Drive Dollar to Two-Month-Low

The tragedy from Mar continues to subside, permitting for a USD to slip to uninformed two-month-lows.

Japanese Yen Price Outlook: USD/JPY Rebound Faces First Test

Japanese Yen fell for a third uninterrupted week with cost contrast insurgency into Jun open. Here are a levels that matter on a USD/JPY weekly technical chart.

Dow Jones, Nasdaq 100 DAX 30 Forecasts for a Week Ahead

The month of May saw equities arise opposite a board. The Dow Jones and DAX 30 will demeanour to reason above circuitously support while a Nasdaq 100 might demeanour to conflict all-time highs.


Currency opening and bullion draft

USD/MXN Outlook: Mexican President Sees Opportunity in Worsening US-China Relationship

Main USD/MXN Talking Points:

  • The boost in domestic tensions between a US and China keeps investors weary
  • Mexico hopes that USMCA will coax some-more investment in North America
  • USD/MXN downtrend stalls during pivotal support though serve waste are expected

The Mexican Peso leads rising marketplace currencies aloft on a behind of dollar declines in a week where augmenting domestic tensions have dominated marketplace sentiment.

But a easing of lockdown restrictions has brought behind a ardour for rising markets, overshadowing any fatigue investors might feel on a behind of a China-US dispute over a new confidence law imposed in Hong Kong. On tip of that, a Mexican banking still enjoys aloft than normal seductiveness rates that could keep a convene going in a subsequent few weeks.

Higher than normal sensitivity customarily erodes lift gains, that is because we saw a Peso come underneath vigour opposite a Dollar in Mar and April, though sensitivity is solemnly circuitous down, that is assisting a Peso’s case. Also adding to a EM currency’s direct is a aloft ardour for risk and a boost liquidity due to a Federal Reserve’s financial policy, that could see a direct alleviate once a Fed beam behind on purchases.

But one thing that Mexican boss Lopez Obrador is counting on is continued domestic tensions between China and a US. He believes that eroding trade relations between a dual countries will advantage Mexico as one of 3 partners in a validated NAFTA group, now famous as USMCA. This new trade agreement comes into force on a 1st of Jul and Mexico is anticipating to benefit a tighter attribute with a US, therefore assisting boost a internal economy and a currency.


USD/MXN 4-hour draft (16 Mar – 29 May 2020)


USD/MXN is now trade possibly side of a 50% Fibonacci retracement from 18.54 – 25.79 during 22.17 as this seems to be an evident indicate of support for a US dollar. Momentum indicators advise continued downside vigour in a entrance week so a pull subsequent 22.00 could see a span retest a 61.8% retracement during 21.31, that was an critical turn of support in mid-March. Anything subsequent that would leave a 200-day elementary relocating normal as a subsequent downside aim during 20.71.

On a upside, initial insurgency can be found during Wednesday’s highs around 22.50, with any serve ceiling movement stalled during a 23.00 handle, where a 38.2% retracement turn stands and customer vigour was stalled during a finish of final week. Sustained gains above 23.50 will be indispensable to endorse 22.00 as a new low and a serve pull towards a perfection of a exquisite triangle during 23.90.

— Written by Daniela Sabin Hathorn, Market Analyst

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Gold Prices Face RBA, BoC, ECB, US Jobs Data and Brexit Talks

Gold Fundamental Outlook: Neutral

  • Gold is still struggling to advantage serve momentum
  • Restrained tellurian yields work in XAU/USD’s favor
  • Risks ahead: RBA, BoC, ECB, US jobs data, Brexit

Anti-fiat bullion prices will approaching continue focusing on fundamental headlines that impact a US Dollar and Treasury yields. The yellow steel has been struggling to find material upside momentum after a gait of appreciation particularly cooled from a center of April. Will this change in a week ahead?

Gold is a non-interest-bearing item that can also advantage during durations of comparatively high inflation. The coronavirus conflict and successive lockdown measures have lifted nearby tenure prospects of deflation as economies contract. But also, executive banks around a universe have taken confidant measures to support expansion by slicing borrowing costs and in some cases, resorting to radical policies like quantitative easing.

The latter are designed to assistance jumpstart expansion and try to boost acceleration down a road. It is doubtful that vital executive banks, such as a Fed and ECB, will lift rates in a nearby term. As such, vexed yields might work in gold’s preference in a middle term. It should also be remarkable that bullion is comparatively reduction glass than many vital fiat currencies, privately compared to a haven-linked US Dollar.

This means that an eventuality that unexpected induces assertive risk aversion, such as a coronavirus, might boost a Greenback as investors prioritize preserving capital. In fact, when tellurian batch markets collapsed in Feb and March, bullion eventually succumbed to offered vigour as a US Dollar soared. Since then, rising batch markets and a cheaper USD have approaching been operative in a yellow metal’s favor.

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Economic Event Risk – RBA, BoC, ECB, US Jobs Data, Brexit Talks

Ahead, a RBA, BoC and ECB reason monetary process announcements. If policymakers echo on commitments to gripping rates around zero, afterwards that might continue support gold’s interest in a middle term. Even as nations continue easing lockdown restrictions, opening a doorway for a serve reinvigoration in mercantile activity, that might not enthuse financial authorities to take divided a self-evident punchbowl.

It is misleading a border to that Friday’s US jobs news could satisfy risk aversion. The stagnation rate is approaching to parasite aloft to roughly 20 percent in May, a many given a Great Depression. Markets have been mostly looking past lagging information in preference of lockdown easing bets. In other words, a US economy could redeem rather fast absent element risks.

These are an unknown. They might embody a second call of a coronavirus that causes states to reintroduce stay-at-home orders. Meanwhile Brexit talks seem to be muted forward of a prolongation deadline for a transition duration entrance adult in late June. Talks between a UK and EU resume ahead. The European Union’s Trade Commissioner, Phil Hogan, pronounced recently that “we are not creation most swell during a moment”.

In serve to rising US-China tensions, fears of a no-deal Brexit risk stoking serve doubt over liberation prospects from Covid-19. On balance, this creates for a neutral call for this week’s bullion elemental outlook.

Gold Fundamental Drivers – (Daily Chart)

Gold Fundamental Drivers

Gold Chart Created in TradingView

— Written by Daniel Dubrovsky, Currency Analyst for

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US Dollar (USD) Outlook: US-China Tensions Likely to Escalate Further

USD Chart

US Dollar (DXY) Price, Chart and Analysis.

  • US President Donald Trump warns China over new Hong Kong confidence law.
  • US Dollar (DXY) violation support.

USD Forecast
USD Forecast

US President Trump is melancholy China with new mercantile sanctions as a already frail attribute between a dual superpowers sours further. Already outspoken about China’s impasse in a widespread of a COVID-19 virus, President Trump is now holding China to charge after Beijing tightened a hold on Hong Kong. China this week imposed a new confidence law on a ex-British colony, undermining a island’s government and call US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to tell Congress that Hong Kong no longer merits favoured trade status. President Trump is now melancholy serve measures opposite China who are approaching to respond fast and in kind. This fight of difference will be a widespread motorist of a US dollar and risk markets in a entrance weeks and months.

US information this week continues to indicate to a long mercantile liberation in America over a entrance quarters. While a Fed’s philanthropy has driven a V-shaped liberation in several US batch markets, a US economy is approaching to see a most slower pick-up. This week’s initial jobless claims rose by another 2123k claimants while Q2 GDP q/q incited disastrous by 5%, a misfortune reading in over a decade. In addition, US personal spending data, expelled on Friday, slumped 13.6% month-on-month, a biggest decrease on record, as a COVID-19 lockdown kept consumers divided from a high street.Data also showed that a US assets rate strike a record 33%, as consumers kept their income in their pockets.

The US dollar basket (DXY) has depressed all week and is behind to levels final seen in mid-March. The US dollar is now trade possibly side of both a 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of a Mar 9-22 convene and a 200-day relocating average. If DXY closes and opens next a 200-dma, serve falls are likely. The CCI indicator does uncover a marketplace as intensely oversold that might rage any serve waste in a short-term.

US Dollar (DXY) Daily Price Chart (October 2019 – May 29, 2020)

USD Dollar CHart

Building Confidence in Trading
Building Confidence in Trading

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Week Ahead – Sino-US Tensions Come to a Fore

Hong Kong a Focus of Deteriorating US-China Relations

This week a concentration has been reduction on a pestilence itself and instead on economies reopening, liberation supports and a heightening US-China conflict.

What started with a US blaming China for a astringency of a pestilence has developed and is approaching to mellow serve in a entrance weeks and months.

– proclamation –

This is approaching to be a common thesis subsequent week. With a President confronting an choosing in Nov that usually 6 months ago looked a foregone conclusion, a China bashing might be incited adult a series of notches.



The concentration in a US will essentially be on a fight with China, pursuit destruction, and a signs of stabilization in some tools of a economy.  President Trump seems dynamic to change a concentration divided from his doing of a coronavirus pestilence and positioning for a prolonged conflict with China on Hong Kong’s confidence law, sanctions for diagnosis on Muslim minorities, vital adult to their finish of a phase-one trade deal, and a yuan’s devaluation.  If a US announces uninformed tariffs, China will not wait too prolonged to counter, and eventually a tit-for-tat conflict will import on risk appetite.

On Monday, a ISM production consult is approaching to miscarry somewhat after carrying a fastest decrease dating behind to 1948.  Dramatic debility with bureau outlay should start to advantage from a staggered reopening of a economy that took place in May.

Friday’s non-farm payroll news will pull most courtesy as a stagnation rate is approaching to arise to 19.5% after 8-million jobs were mislaid in May.  May’s jobless rate should be a rise and investors will demeanour brazen to focusing on a mercantile miscarry going forward.

The reopening of a economy trade and guarantee of some-more impulse continues to expostulate unsure resources and as prolonged as lockdowns continue to ease, a mercantile liberation is approaching to sojourn intact.

US Politics

US states contingency confirm either they will continue to pierce brazen with reopening skeleton even as some are stating spikes aloft with new cases.  The subsequent several weeks will be pivotal in either a easing of lockdown restrictions continue.

Another focal indicate will be a national widespread of protests over a military murdering of George Floyd.  Protests have erupted and incited aroused opposite a nation.


The UK is stability to palliate lockdown restrictions, with non-essential shops due to free on 15 June. This will see a nation returning to something imitative pre-lockdown, nonetheless a liberality attention stays in limbo.


The European Commission denounced a liberation account skeleton this week which, alongside a EU bill and a rescue fund, will see €2.4 trillion spent over a subsequent 7 year budget. This will include of a normal €1.1 trillion budget, €540 billion rescue account and €750 billion liberation fund. The latter is being due to be lifted in a markets by a EC – a initial time it’s finished so for an volume of this distance – and corroborated by all 27 members. What’s more, €500 billion will be offering as grants, with a remaining €250 billion as loans. This is something a “frugal four” – Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Sweden – are not now on house with.

The ECB meets subsequent week and there are flourishing expectations for an boost in QE by €500 billion, holding sum purchases this year to €1.6 trillion.


Turkey is formulation to palliate lockdown restrictions from 1 Jun that will concede beaches, restaurants and some-more to reopen, while also permitting for a resumption of inner travel.

The lira has come off a lows given early May though stays exposed and a trend has altered over a final few days. If this is extended, we should design some-more intervention.


China’s CPC passes confidence law for Hong Kong. US President to reason a press discussion Friday. Escalating protests in Hong Kong. Depending on a US response, we could be behind in a trade fight scenario. USD/CNY repair during 12 year high currently , lifting prospects of some-more escalation with a US. undisguised trade hostilities disastrous for China and informal equities and currencies.

This weekend, China Manufacturing and non-Manufacturing PMI are releasedr. A vast skip reduce will see Asia as a whole pierce neatly reduce Monday.

Hong Kong

China announces goal to write confidence legislation into simple law, bypassing a HK legislature. The US announced a finish of special trade standing for HK.  This news spells a really genuine possibility that Hong Kong as we know it is over. Renewed travel protests. Big winner, Singapore.


Nothing of note this week.


Tuesday RBA rate announcement, approaching unchanged. Wednesday GDP. Both a banking and bonds are looking sleepy after decent rallies. Potential for downward correction. Escalating trade tensions are really disastrous for Aust. markets and currency.


Second additional bill announced totalling $1.1 trillion. Market response is pale nonetheless Nikkei continues to energy aloft on tellurian liberation trade. Equities are exposed to a pointy sell-off if US-China escalates. No information of significance.



The oil cost liberation has good and truly stalled, with WTI and Brent off a few percent today, after EIA reported another vast register build on Wednesday. This comes as marketplace view turns south on souring US-China relations. It’s been some liberation for wanton prices so a duration of distinction holding can usually be healthy. With economies gradually reopening, there’s copiousness some-more time for upside, presumption it all goes to devise of course. Huge risks sojourn though a early signs are encouraging.


Gold is adult half a percent in early Friday trade, buoyed by a slight softening of a dollar as it continues to rebound off pivotal $1,700 support. we don’t consider anyone is removing carried divided only yet, any convene feels like a staggering bid during a impulse and even when breakouts occur, there seems copiousness of sellers peaceful to come in and blur a move. We might see some-more of this in a entrance sessions.


Bitcoin has damaged back, and held, above $9,000, nonetheless it is entrance underneath a small vigour today. That will come as a service during a time when it was starting to demeanour a small vulnerable. Post-halving converging will be ideally acceptable, as prolonged as a pre-halving gains aren’t wiped out, that could occur in a eventuality of a mangle next $8,000.

EUR/USD Uptrend Takes a Pause

It was a bustling day on a mercantile information front, Wholesale Inventories rose 0.4% on month in a Apr rough reading (-0.7% expected), from a revised -1.0% in Mar final reading. Personal Income jumped 10.5% on month in Apr (-5.9% expected), from a revised -2.2% in March, imprinting a record high. Personal Spending forsaken 13.6% on month in Apr (-12.8% expected), from a revised -6.9% in March, imprinting a record low. Market News International’s Chicago Purchasing Managers Index fell to 32.3 on month in May (40.0 expected), from 35.4 in April, a low final seen in 2009. Finally, a University of Michigan’s Consumer Sentiment Index declined to 72.3 on month in a May final reading (74.0 expected), from 73.7 in a May rough reading.

On Monday, Markit’s US Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index for a May final reading is approaching to be released. Construction Spending for Apr is approaching to diminution 7.0% on month, from +0.9% in March. Finally, a Institute for Supply Management’s Manufacturing Purchasing Mangers’ Index for May is approaching to arise to 43.5 on month, from 41.5 in April.

Yesterday we identified a EUR/USD pair violation above an descending triangle bullish delay settlement on a 30-minute chart. Today a EUR/USD reached a initial aim and is now holding a pause. Traders that sojourn bullish competence wish to cruise tightening stops to accommodate a 1.09 support level. Key insurgency is set during today’s high around 1.1145. A mangle next 1.09 support might call for a exam of a 1.1065 area.

– announcement –