US Dollar May Rise as US-China Trade Deal, Key Data Fall Flat

DXY 2-Hour Chart


  • US Dollar range-bound as investors coddle US-China trade deal, Brexit path
  • Incoming US mercantile releases competence tumble brief of a markets’ expectations
  • Flimsy “phase 1” trade pact, expansion fears competence expostulate breakwater USD direct

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The US Dollar has idled in a slight operation given mid-October. That follows a pullback from a early-September pitch high, that appears to simulate fading breakwater direct amid flourishing hopes for a US-China trade understanding and a clearly reduced risk of a “no-deal” Brexit outcome.

The annulment valid to be comparatively ephemeral as a markets’ rosier showing pushed 2020 Fed rate process expectations divided from dovish extremes. That stemmed USD selling, reminding investors that it still offers a suggestive produce reward of about 150 basement points on normal relations to a tip counterparts.

Subsequent delay appears to simulate doubt about either this some-more certain account has loyal basis. A US-China trade settle stays nonexistent notwithstanding soundbites from Washington and Beijing claiming it is scarcely complete, and Brexit is an conundrum until a UK ubiquitous choosing on Dec 12.


The week forward offers some important information points to uncover where a tellurian business cycle stands opposite this backdrop. ISM manufacturing- and service-sector surveys, November’s jobs news and a University of Michigan’s closely-watched consumer certainty pointer are all due to cranky a wires.

Leading PMI information suggests US expansion has stabilized somewhat, putting nonfarm activity expansion a fastest in 4 months in November. That seems like a vale feat however deliberation a bottom from that a alleviation is occurring: nonfarm activity expansion is near-standstill.

Meanwhile, information from Citigroup suggests US mercantile information outcomes have incited reduce relations to baseline expectations recently, implying that analysts’ models are over-extrapolating a new moderation. That hints during towering downside warn risk on incoming news-flow.


The mercantile calendar will blur from perspective if a US and China indeed pointer – rather than only speak about – a now roughly fabulous “phase 1” trade deal. That is meant to set a theatre for a some-more extensive realignment of their blurb attribute down a road.

The markets could hearten a outcome during a onset, that competence lead a US Dollar reduce as some-more haven-seeking bearing is unwound. That competence be ephemeral however as yield-based considerations resurface once again, as we have already seen over new months.

The singular range of any “phase 1” settle competence good be labelled in already however. A kind of “buy a rumor, sell a fact” response competence so be in a cards. That would see view pulp as a shoal bid leaves tip issues (like egghead skill rights enforcement) unused indefinitely.

Rolling behind trade barriers and rebuilding supply bondage substantially can’t occur on this groundless basis, withdrawal markets with about as severe an sourroundings as before any understanding is signed. Soft US information outcomes competence strengthen this point, warning that a downturn in tellurian expansion will not be simply reversed.

The US Dollar has range to lapse to a descent opposite this backdrop. Its unequaled liquidity will once again authority a reward if view sours market-wide, pushing divestment from riskier cycle-sensitive resources and stoking direct for defensive alternatives.

— Written by Ilya Spivak, Sr. Currency Strategist for

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Sterling Jumped on Election and Brexit Hopes, US Stocks Hit Records forward of Important December

Sterling finished as a strongest one final week as it looks like Conservative is set to have a infancy win in a arriving elections. If materialized, UK is finally streamer for an nurse Brexit subsequent January, clearing all uncertainties. On a other hand, Japanese Yen was a weakest one, partly in greeting to a record runs in US stocks. Also, liberation in book yields, in sold as 10-year JGB sealed behind above -0.1% handle, gave a Yen some pressure.

However, a markets are now entering into an critical December. UK elections are one pivotal risk. But some-more importantly, a arriving dual weeks would be make or mangle for US-China trade negotiations. It’s now capricious either a proviso one understanding would be reached on time to avert subsequent tariff escalation on Dec 15. Or, new collection of tariffs would be on reason while negotiations drag on to subsequent year. Or, in rather doubtful way, negotiations mangle down.

– announcement –

Sterling jumped as polls advise Conservative infancy after elections

Sterling surged broadly final week as latest polls suggested that Conservative are lane to a infancy win during a arriving Dec 12 elections. That lifted wish for ratifying a Brexit agreement Prime Minister Boris Johnson performed from EU. Thus, UK is on lane to leave EU with a understanding on Jan 31, finally clearing all uncertainties.

The many critical one was YouGov’s MRP indication predictions, that suggested a Conservative to get 359 seats, with 68 majority. Taking into comment a margins of error, YouGov still likely Conservative seats during between 328 and 385, still indicating a middle infancy in a misfortune case. According to a latest check tracker by Financial Times, Conservatives also have an 11-point lead over Labour.

GBP/CHF is among a tip movers and finished a week adult some-more than 1%. Rise from 1.1674 finally resumed and serve convene is approaching as prolonged as 1.2673 support holds. GBP/CHF would aim 1.3399 insurgency and above. But for now, such arise is seen as a third leg of a converging settlement from 1.1701 (2016 low). Hence, we’d demeanour for commanding vigilance between 1.3399 and 1.3854 (2018 high).

US bonds extended record runs, though beware of trade risks

US equities extended record runs final week though there was no analogous strength seen in other regions. Furthermore, trade uncertainties were resurfacing and their intensification could trigger low annulment in bonds and risk ardour in a entrance weeks. In a background, trade negotiations between US and China continued to drag on. No one most knows if a proviso one agreement could be reached to avert a designed tariff escalation on Dec 15. Even if a understanding is reached, it’s rarely uncertain how most of a imposed tariffs would be rolled back.

Meanwhile, it’s reported on Friday that US Commerce Department is mulling serve restrictions on offered record products to China’s telecom hulk Huawei. There were inter-agency discussions on changes to dual pivotal manners for permitting US authorities to umpire unfamiliar sales of nonsensitive products with US-origin technology.

Separately, President Donald Trump finally sealed that Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Acts into law. China has threatened to have clever countermeasures on US subsidy of Hongkonger’s quarrel to urge liberty and for democracy. At this point, it’s doubtful that China would tie trade talks into politics. But it stays a risk that China could lift out of trade speak as retaliation.

Conditions set for a lift behind in SP 500

Technically, SP 500 is seen as losing movement as displayed in daily MACD. It’s also pretty tighten to 100% projection of 2728.81 to 3027.98 from 2855.94 during 3155.11. Also, it’s now dire prolonged tenure channel insurgency as seen in weekly chart. Hence, a conditions are indeed set for a nearby tenure lift back. Break of 3091.41 support will prove brief tenure commanding and move visual tumble behind to 55 day EMA (now during 3043.14).

Bearish Hong Kong bonds a risk to tellurian markets

The bearish growth in Hong Kong bonds is also a risk to cruise ahead. So far, there is small brief over though it could be only a matter of time. Recovery from 26203.97 should have finished after being deserted by descending 55 week EMA. Break of this support should be imminent. That would serve attest a box that visual arise from 24899.93 has finished during 27894.56. That is, incomparable down trend from 33530.66 is presumably prepared to resume. 213336/21542 cluster fibonacci turn could be a aim of a subsequent middle tenure down leg.

Dollar index unsuccessful convene attempt, though still in adult trend

Back to a banking markets, Dollar index edged aloft to 98.54 final week though retreated deeply to tighten during 98.27. Further arise is still approaching as prolonged as 97.67 support holds. At this point, we’ll still observation before miscarry from 55 week EMA as a bullish signal. Later adult trend from 88.26 is approaching to resume by 99.66 earlier or later. However, mangle of 97.67 support will now be an early bearish sign. Further miscarry of 97.10 will prove middle tenure bearish reversal.

GBP/JPY’s mangle of 141.57 suggests that incomparable arise from 126.54 has resumed. Initial disposition stays on a upside this week for trend line insurgency (now during 143.78) next. Sustained mangle will pave a approach to 148.87 pivotal insurgency next. On a downside, mangle of 139.31 support is indispensable to prove brief tenure topping. Otherwise, opinion will sojourn bullish in box of retreat.

In a bigger picture, stream arise from 126.54 is seen as a third leg of a converging settlement from 122.75 (2016 low). Further convene could be seen though for now, we’d design clever insurgency from 156.59 to extent upside. On a downside, postulated mangle of 135.74 insurgency incited support will advise that such miscarry has completed. Deeper decrease could a be seen to retest 126.54 low.

In a longer tenure picture, cost actions from 122.75 (2016 low) are seen as building into a converging pattern. That is, prolonged tenure down trend from 195.86 (2015 high) and that from 251.09 (2007 high) are still in preference to extend by 116.83 (2011 low). We’ll reason on to this bearish perspective as prolonged as 156.59 pivotal insurgency holds. However, organisation mangle of 156.69 should during slightest move serve convene to 61.8% retracement of 195.86 to 122.75 during 167.93.

Canadian Dollar Outlook Bearish on BOC, Jobs Data, Trade War

USDCAD 2-Hour Price Chart


  • Canadian Dollar might humour if Bank of Canada stokes rate cut bets
  • Avalanche of essential jobs information could increase easing expectations
  • Escalating US-China trade tensions might also harm oil-linked CAD

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The Canadian Dollar might face offered vigour if a Bank of Canada rate preference inflames destiny rate cut bets. Easing expectations might also be amplified if vicious jobs information reinforces a flourishing coercion for some-more accommodative credit conditions. Volatility in a oil-linked Canadian Dollar might also be magnified by escalating US-China trade tensions after US President Donald Trump sealed a argumentative bill.

Bank of Canada Rate Decision: What to Expect

While policymakers are approaching to reason a benchmark seductiveness rate during 1.75 percent, explanation from BOC Governor Stephen Poloz on a opinion might enthuse a Canadian Dollar selloff if it radiates dovish undertones. Overnight index swaps uncover a comparatively medium luck of a rate cut subsequent year, with a closest one in July. However, flourishing elemental risks could move a timeline for easing closer.

However, it should be remarkable that dovish expectations have been mounting. Year-to-date, there has been a poignant downward change in marketplace pragmatic process rates opposite several tenors. By no perfect coincidence, a viewed coercion to cut rates behind afterwards contra now is particularly larger amid unsure tellurian expansion prospects and geopolitical uncertainties.

Dovis Shift in BOC Monetary Policy Expectations

Canadian Labor Market

The Canadian labor marketplace stays parsimonious with a stagnation rate stability to decrease while a appearance rate stays broadly unvaried for many of 2019. Resilience in a services zone has given BOC policymakers procedure to reason rates notwithstanding a contraction in manufacturing. Though a trend of negligence industrial expansion is not specific to Canada; this is a tellurian materialisation in vast due to a trade war.

Candian Economy Labor Market

US-China Trade War: Is a Worst Yet to Come?

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump announced that he sealed a Hong Kong Rights and Democracy Act, a argumentative check that might derail US-China trade talks. The legislation stipulates that a US conducts yearly reviews to occur a emperor firmness of Hong Kong’s autonomy. The check also allows Washington to permit Chinese officials if it finds they are undermining a special executive region’s sovereignty.

In October, after a US House roughly regularly voted for a measure, Beijing voiced a exasperation and immediately responded that it would use “unspecified countermeasures” if it is sealed into law. One probable apparatus it has during ordering is a right to slap over $3 billion value of tariffs opposite a US following a WTO box from an Obama-era brawl that ruled in Beijing’s favor.

If China chooses to use it, hopes of ratifying a “phase 1” agreement in their multi-sequential trade agreement with a US might roughly totally dissolve. Market confidence would expected incline along with direct for a petroleum-linked Canadian Dollar. The selloff in CAD might also be magnified by a arise in BOC rate cut expectations from a awaiting of deteriorating fundamentals that need some-more accommodative policies.


— Written by Dimitri Zabelin, Jr Currency Analyst for

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Week Ahead: OPEC, NFP and Manufacturing PMIs

There is no doubt that a ongoing US-China trade conditions will sojourn a categorical focal indicate subsequent week as investors are apropos disturbed that China might retort after US President Donald Trump sealed into law a check subsidy Hong Kong’s anti-government demonstrators. If China does retort afterwards this could be bad news for risk-sensitive resources such as stocks, oil and commodity dollars subsequent week.

Meanwhile a mercantile calendar is thankfully going to get busier after what has been a really still duration over a past integrate of weeks.

The week will start off with pivotal PMI information from prolongation and services sectors of vital economies. The concentration will also be on critical Australian information and a integrate of executive bank rate decisions. Crude oil will take centre theatre from mid-week, due to US oil inventories information and some-more to a point, OPEC’s assembly on Thursday. The week will finish with a announcement of monthly practice information from both North American nations.

– announcement –

So, there will be copiousness of potentially market-moving events to concentration on subsequent week, that should meant towering pockets of sensitivity here and there – that is good news for FX traders.

Manufacturing and services PMIs

  • China: a official Chinese prolongation and non-manufacturing PMIs will be expelled on Saturday. Manufacturing PMI is approaching to imitation 49.5 vs. 49.3 last, while non-manufacturing PMI is approaching during 53.1 compared with 52.8 expected. Caixin Manufacturing PMI for China will be published on Monday, while the Caixin Services PMI is due out on Wednesday. Interestingly, a Caixin PMI has softened in new months while a central PMI has remained subsequent a enlargement threshold of 50.0. With a US-China trade conditions still ongoing, we don’t design a large alleviation until during slightest when a proviso one of a understanding is signed.
  • US: a closely-followed ISM prolongation PMI will be published on Monday, while a ISM non-manufacturing PMI is expelled on Wednesday. Manufacturing activity has taken an alarmingly pointy spin during a world’s largest economy, lifting fears over growth. The PMI appearance above 61.3 in Oct of final year. Since afterwards activity has been decelerating, reaching low 50s in a summer, before dipping into contraction i.e. subsequent 50 in September, where it has remained since.  The final time a PMI remained subsequent 50 for 3 uninterrupted months was in early 2016, that preceded a clever liberation that lasted a integrate of years. The dollar bulls will be anticipating to see a identical liberation in prolongation activity this time around. Meanwhile, a non-manufacturing PMI has remained resilient, nonetheless it too has been decelerating in new months.
  • UK: a Markit Final Services PMI is due for recover on Wednesday morning. The services PMI used to be a vital information recover for a pound, yet with Brexit and choosing campaigns holding centre stage, UK information has taken a behind seat. That being said, final week saw a bruise tumble neatly in response to a initial – a supposed “Flash” – recover of a prolongation and services PMIs as they both fell subsequent 50. If a PMI gets revised upwards afterwards we might presumably see a miscarry for a pound, while a downward rider could have a conflicting impact.

Employment data

  • US: The monthly non-farm payrolls news (Friday) will be a many critical practice information in so distant as a markets are concerned. Headline jobs expansion has been disappearing over a past few months, nonetheless still display decent gains of around 150K. However, if practice expansion falters serve – or worse goes into retreat – afterwards a dollar could tumble neatly in response, as a Fed could consider about another rate cut in early 2020. The week’s other US practice indicators will embody a practice components of a ISM prolongation (Monday) and non-manufacturing PMIs (Wednesday), and ADP private zone payrolls news (also on Wednesday).
  • Canada: As good as a US jobs report, we will have a Canadian jobs data (Friday) to demeanour brazen to on a same day. Canadian practice suddenly fell final month after dual uninterrupted months of plain gains. A miscarry in practice is what a CAD bulls will be anticipating to see, while another disastrous reading could see a North American dollar tank as a contingency of a Bank of Canada rate cut increases.

Central bank rate decisions

  • RBA (Tues) is widely approaching to keep a process unvaried for a third uninterrupted month during 0.75%, following 3 rate cuts that starting in June. The luck of a 25 basis-point rate cut has been disappearing in new weeks. According to a ASX’s RBA Rate Indicator, a pragmatic contingency of a cut are only 11%, down neatly from around 55% in October. Aussie traders will be focusing on a denunciation of a rate matter for clues on destiny rate changes in Australia. As good as a RBA, this week will see a recover of Aussie building approvals (Tues), quarterly GDP (Wed) and retail sales (Thurs).
  • BOC (Wed) is also approaching to reason a process unvaried during 1.75%, now a top among a grown economies. Recently, though, a BOC has forsaken a hawkish disposition and if we see some-more dovish explanation during this assembly afterwards a CAD could resume a slip as investors cost in a intensity rate cut during some indicate down a line.  This would turn some-more approaching should Friday’s Canadian practice news also disappoints. Conversely, if a BOC is not as dovish as a markets expected, afterwards a Loonie could outperform given a aloft turn of seductiveness rates in Canada.

OPEC and wanton oil

  • OPEC (Thurs) will be assembly on Thursday to plead fluctuating a prolongation quota. Analysts design a organization to announce an prolongation of a stream outlay of 1.2 million barrels per day, due to concerns over extreme supply – not slightest in a US. Here, oil prolongation has strike a new record high of 12.46 million bpd in September, adult from 12.397m bpd in August, according to a US Department of Energy. The US therefore stays a largest oil producer.
  • Meanwhile oil prices will approaching respond to any conspicuous changes in US Oil Inventories (Wed), that have been rising again of late – suggesting rising supply or weakening direct in a market.
  • WTI: On Friday, oil prices fell roughly 5% as fears grew that Russia will retard an OPEC+ share extension. WTI was still holding above a Nov low of $54.75 when this news was written, yet if that turn gives approach afterwards some-more waste could be on a approach in early subsequent week forward of OPEC’s assembly after on in a week.

Australian Dollar Could Struggle With RBA Rate Call, GDP Figures

AUDUSD 2-Hour Chart

Fundamental Australian Dollar Forecast: Bearish

  • The Reserve Bank of Australia is suspicion doubtful to cut rates, though is expected to sound dovish
  • Australian expansion total competence good defect given business investment weakness
  • Bullish trade headlines competence annul both and boost a Aussie, though they’re unpredictable

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In a entrance week Australian Dollar markets competence only be means to demeanour past a US-China trade story, during slightest for a while, as they anticipate a packaged duration of internal mercantile news. Whether this will be good news for a currency’s bulls, however, is a really open question.

Out on front of march will be Tuesday’s financial process preference from a Reserve Bank of Australia. Market positioning is during benefaction utterly fatiguing that no pierce is coming, and a Official Cash Rate will sojourn during a record, 0.75% low once a executive bank’s deliberations are over. However, a RBA itself conceded in a mins of a final assembly that the box for an seductiveness rate cut could be made then, an acknowledgment that knocked a Aussie progressing this month. Given that small has clearly altered for a improved since, a possibility of a cut on Tuesday contingency still be ‘live’ even given those marketplace doubts.

Growth Figures May be Under a Cloud

Official Gross Domestic Product total for a third entertain are due on Wednesday. The economy stretched during a medium 0.5% quarterly rate in a 3 months to Jun and competence onslaught to improved that this time. Global trade, expansion and expenditure slowdowns are expected to make their mark, with sold anxiety to China, biggest patron of Australia’s huge raw-material trade machine.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg talked darkly of poignant tellurian headwinds in Parliament on Thursday, that frequency inspires too many certainty in a data, and business investment has been flattering diseased over a quarter.

There are some other intensity Aussie movers entrance up, from Chinese Purchasing Managers Index data, both central and private and domestic building approvals that have been underneath pressure.

Of course, those US-China trade fight headlines are all-too-likely to set a gait in AUD/USD, and news-flow from that entertain is really formidable to predict. However, given that a RBA will roughly positively strike a dovish tinge even if it doesn’t cut rates, and that GDP competence onslaught to impress, it’s a bearish call this week on a basement of what we can know. The pair’s deepening downtrend will expected stay with us

AUDUSD Price Chart

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